Workshops & Courses

  • How to Innovate and differentiate through AI projects?
  • What are the main challenges in AI projects?
  • How to mitigate risks associated with AI?
  • How to estimate the required resources (timeline, budget, team size)?
  • Why do we need to address cognitive biases of users and how to do this?
  • How to assess model impact on decisions?
  • What is the right technology stack?
  • How to build a reproducible and reliable workflow?
  • What roles do I need for my AI project?

We offer 2h of free consulting with our team members on 3 selected, medical or bioinformatic related projects.

Learn to recognize when and how applying interpretability. Understand the dimensions and scopes of interpretability. Analyze and criticize the literature, definitions and evaluation methods. Implement state of the art techniques and evaluate their outcomes.

Healthcare, Multi-media indexing

Confidence in linear algebra, probability, machine learning. Experience with python, numpy, tensorflow, keras.