About Us

We created SwissAI Machine Learning Meetup to promote knowledge exchange on AI, Data Science and Software Development, between Universities, Private Companies and Decision makers. Since then, we became one of the largest AI communities in Europe with more then 5000 members in several groups. Our activities focus on building open community of specialist in Switzerland with connections to similar communities across the world.

We Provide Access to Knowledge and Community


To build the largest community of AI experts in Europe


Our mission is to promote knowledge exchange between academia and private companies, and to actively contribute to development of new technologies, companies and research projects, that better human kind. 


  • self-learning over formal education
  • not reinventing the wheel, but using the wheel creatively
  • mutual respect and freedom



Pawel Rosikiewicz

Co-Founder, Team Leader &
Main Organizer @ SwissAI, Data Scientist

martin jaggi

Martin Jaggi

Co-Founder, Meetup Organizer
Scientific advisor


Juraj Korček

Data Scientist & ML Engineer
Co-Founder & Interviewer @ SwissAI


Onur Yürüten

Co-Founder, Course Organizer
Data Science Manager, BI


Oksana Riba Grognuz

Co-Founder, Course Organizer
Sr. Data Science Eng.


Matteo Pagliardini

Senior ML Engineer


Veronica Alonso Kanonnikoff

Meetup Co-Organizer
Marketing Adisor



Media Expert
Camera Operator & Movie Editor


Chris Pedder

Senior ML Engineer
Interviewer @ SwissAI


Ieva Vaišnoraitė-Navikienė

AI Solution Engineer


Marta Rosikiewicz, Ph.D. (Senior Data Scientist)
 Akhilesh Deepak Gotmare (EPFL)
Stefano Casasso (PhD. data Sc.)
Salar Rahimi (Data Sc. EPFL)
Keshav SINGH (Data Sc. EPFL, Unit8)
Luca Pecadore Ph.D (Data Scientist & Particle Physicis)


EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) is one the leading centers of research on Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Material & Data Science, best known for providing a stimulating environment for high-tech entrepreneurs and its strong support for industry-research collaboration.

Innovaud provides support to innovative star-ups, scale-ups and small and medium-sized businesses in Swiss canton Vaud. Innovaoud focuses on innovations in cutting-edge technology or new disrupting approaches.

SimpleAI.ch is the portal that presents AI or Data Science projects that can be implemented in 3-4 months from scratch, on any platform using R or Python. All code is open source.

Introdcution to AI interpretability Course provided by the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland and University of Bordeaux

Organizers of the yearly Sino-Swiss Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Conference (SinoSwissAI) in Beijing (China) and Launsanne (Switzerland).

A meeting place for leading businesses and great AI-driven solution providers.  Trustful.ai is a site providing information on AI companies and their unique solutions implementing the newest technologies, to solve different problems and markets.


Jennifer Bachmann-Ona (EPFL)
Patrick Barbey (Directour @ Innovaoud)
Prof. James Larus (Proff @ EPFL)
Sebastian Urban Stich, Ph.D. (EPFL)
Tania Epars (EPFL)
Marek Radwanski (AI Product Owner)